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Most Popular Trees in Gilbert Arizona

Whatever the reason may be, despite the arid climate, trees do perfectly well here in Arizona. There are a number of native trees, yet there are trees that though they thrive here would seem unlikely to most visitors and newer residents. We’ll talk about some of the most popular trees that become a feature in a number of residential communities and commercial areas. Given the beauty of these trees and their value it is a good idea to use a professional tree service company to trim them regularly. Using a Gilbert tree service who has years of experience can keep your trees healthy and thriving in the hot desert climates of Gilbert.

Mesquite trees are probably the most popular tree in Gilbert and all of Phoenix. Click here to learn more about mesquite trees.

Palo Verde

There are few different species of Palo Verde. One commonality is that they are water wise; so desert friendly. When buying a Palo Verde check to make sure there in no root binding in the container. This can stunt their growth and lead to tree problems down the line. 

Museum Palo Verde: is fast growing hybrid version of the most common Palo Verde. It will showcase bright yellow flowers in the spring. The branches spread and many arms to showcase the vibrant leaves.

Palo Brea: Brighter green trunks and free formed branches create the unique look of this Sonoran native. 

Blue Palo Verde: With it’s significant yellow flowers that are seen from a distance, this Palo Verde is great for adding to landscapes that are more water wise.

Palo Verde Trees in Gilbert AZ

Palo Verde Tree Trimming

Trimming your Palo Verdes need to be done with care and with the eye to see how the potential cut can effect the growth of the tree in the future seasons. 

Cutting branches could either strengthen the tree for changes in seasons. Or it could weaken the tree causing breakage during the seasonal storms.

Pros: Beautiful color that helps it stand out in landscapes. Water wise for desert landscapes.

Cons: Branch can break in high wind storms. Flowers do fall.


Do you have a large yard and need a good shade tree. A Sissoo is a tree to consider. It is a very drought tolerant tree. 

It’s foilage will graciously span to offer a shaded area for your yard. Birds will be regular visitors. 

This particular tree thrives in warmer climates, so if you are looking for plants and trees that will allow your landscape to have the presence and utility a Sisso may be good to add to the list. 


Sissoo Trees in Gilbert Arizona

Sissoo Tree Trimming

Knowing about the Sissoo Tree and how it will grow in your landscape is key before choosing. You want to make you have the space and the ability to maintain a Sissoo well. Due to the root system and additional suckers that appear there is not only the trimming of the branches and leaves, but there is the cutting of the roots that travel as well. 

Pros: Great shade coverage. Drought tolerant. Great for larger square footage yards.

Cons: It’s drought tolerance encourages shallow and traveling roots that can erode fences, patios and sidewalks. It’s best to plant a distance from the fence line and away from pools. Also you want happy neighbors.


Think of the weeping willow and you have the desert version with the Acacia. There are few different species of this tree that grace many landscapes here in Arizona. 

Willow Acacia: With it’s weeping leaves this particular tree is favorable for most landscapes. The leaves are in a silver – blue hue which adds a soothing color variation. 

Shoestring Acacia: This particular Acacia will feature blooms in the spring. It also is one that somewhat resembles a weeping willow. An extra perk is the water wise ability of this tree as well. 

Sweet Acacia: The sweet smelling blooms of this tree adorns a number of residential community walking paths in the spring.  This is also very drought tolerant as well. 

Acacia Tree in Gilbert AZ

Acacia Tree Trimming

The best time to prune is in the fall or spring. The trimming should be done to the canopy and clearing of any dead branches. 

Palm Trees

There are close to if not more 40 different variations of Palm Trees that are used in a number of Gilbert landscapes. They are perfect trees for a pool featured landscape.

They are also elegant near larger homesites or custom homes. Based on your landscape style and size of space, you have a choice from a palm tree for height or width or both. 

Some maintenance is needed to be able to keep the leaves and trunks in healthy order.

Feeding is essential as well for the health of the tree.

As your palm grows it’s best to  have a professional tree trimming company keep up with the top portion of pruning. Our company has a specialized crew that can properly care for you tree’s trimming needs. 

Palm Tree Trimming

Keeping your Palm Tree maintained involves not only the foilage but also portions of the trunk. 

Making sure seed pods and the ‘beards’ are kept cut will maintain the health of the palm, depending on the species you own. 

Pros: Great near water features and pools. Easy to maintain. 

Cons: Seed pod clean up with certain palms. 

palm tree trimming in mesa and gilbert arizona-min

Lilac Tree (vitex)

This beautiful tree offers a gorgeous view for landscapes. The Lilac Tree blooms are fragrant and display in a cluster like fashion. This tree can also thrive well as a hedge when maintained well. 

Trimming of the Lilac Tree

After your tree has been established, trimming should be done from the bottom up based on how you would like your tree to look. Make sure though that trimming isn’t over done so to over expose the trunk and branches, which could be damaging to the tree. 

Pros: Fragrant blooms and color.

Cons: Blooms do fall and create cleanup.  

Lilac Tree in Gilbert AZ

After choosing the right tree for your Gilbert landscape in your home or business you will need to care for it. Check out our page on planting and watering desert trees.