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A well pruned tree can be a thing of beauty. Proper tree trimming can also greatly enhance the health of the tree. Proper pruning can also prevent broken tree branches and tree trunks when fierce storms hit.

There is more to trimming trees than just cutting branches. We follow the guidelines found in the industry wide ANSI A300 standards. ANSI (American National Standards Institute) standards are created by highly trained engineering and scientific professionals for a great many technical subjects. 

There are a lot of landscape maintenance crews in the Phoenix AZ area. Most have no training on tree trimming and pruning. Well meaning as they can be they often cause damage to trees by improper cutting. It is often seen that the tree bark is stripped where a branch has been cut without proper pruning techniques. This leaves the tree susceptible to pest infestation and long term disease. It is also visually unappealing.

It is not worth the risk to use untrained laborers. Call us for professional and reasonable rates on caring for your trees and cacti.

Cut Branches Don’t Heal They Seal

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Pruning Citrus Trees and Fruit Trees

citrus tree care in mesa arizona and surrounding cities-minCitrus tree are abundant in Phoenix. They love the sun and need a lot of water. We are experts in pruning all types of fruit trees and especially citrus.

It is important that these trees are not over pruned. We are experts in how to prune citrus trees. The bark on citrus trees can be scorched by the intense sun we get here in the hot summer months.

Don’t leave this job to unskilled maintenance crews who don’t understand the needs of these trees. They can cause lasting damage to your trees.

If you want the best oranges, limes, lemons or grapefruit it is necessary to keep the tree healthy and watered. You can then enjoy the fruit these trees produce in abundance.

We have the experience and skill to do this correctly and competitive rates. Please call us for your citrus trimming any time.

Here is a professional educator explaining the do’s and don’ts of tree pruning.

tree trimming and prunning in the east valley of Phoenix AZ

The tree to the left is an example of how not to trim a tree. It is pretty obvious that the first really strong wind is going to break some branches. Given what will be left after this it is not likely this tree will ever be healthy and may die.

Let us make sure your valuable trees and plants are properly cared for so you may enjoy them for decades to come.

Is Topping a Tree A Good Idea?

In general, no. If there is significant freeze damage that has killed the top canopy of the tree, which often happens to Ficus trees, it may be necessary to remove the dead branches.

Here are the reasons it is not good to cut the top of the tree off. Trees use their foliage to perform photosynthesis which feeds the tree. When the foliage is removed the tree has less food generating ability. This causes the tree to send out new growth at an accelerated pace. These new suckers grow at a much faster rate than normal growth to make up for the lost food generating ability the tree had. In general, rapid growth is weaker and less robust than normal growth. Even the new leaves on this new growth are less durable than normal growth and the tree is more likely to shed these leaves in high winds etc.

So what happens is that over time these new upper branches get larger but they are weaker than they normally would be. This presents a higher risk of the tree causing damage from falling branches.

If the tree has been topped it is possible for our trained crew and arborists to improve the tree structure. Our arborists know which of the new suckers and growth to selectively remove so the strongest of the new growth remains. This process is sometimes called crown restoration. This reduces greatly the risk of tree damage.

Palm Tree Trimming and Skinning

palm tree trimming in mesa and gilbert arizona-minPalm trees are a staple in the Phoenix area. They bring the elegant tropical look to our valley and help give it a unique tropical desert look. Healthy palms require some care. Like any living organism they are susceptible to different diseases. They do much better when properly nourished with the right nutrients and correct amount of water.

Call us to remove the seed pods that keep falling into the pool or all over your yard. Let us also trim the dead fronds and beards. We will leave the palm with a manicured elegant look that will enhance your landscape.

Tired of the dead outer layers on your palms. We provide tree skinning so your trees have a clean, fresh shaved look.

Scorpions love to live in the petioles or outer dead layers of palm trees. Removing these layers will help reduce this common pest problem here in our desert.

Tree Service Quote

Mesa Trees performs tree trimming and pruning the proven and correct way. You are assured of top quality performance and workmanship because we are trained and skilled. We can repair bad past trimming so your trees have the best chance for the best health possible.

Your neighbors will love you for not having an unsightly mess of a tree in the front yard. Your landscape will be enhanced with the balanced work of art with graceful limbs.

With our trained and skilled staff, Arborists and top quality gear you are assured of professional and beautiful results.