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  • Tree Pruning
  • Tree Trimming
  • Tree Removal
  • Tree Bracing
  • Tree Cabling
  • Tree Stump Removal
  • Stump Grinding
  • Emergency Tree Service
  • Tree Chipping Mulching
  • Palm Tree Removal
  • Palm Tree Skinning
  • Tree Disease Control and Treatment
  • Tree Injections
  • Shrub Removal
  • Cactus Removal
  • Crane and Bucket Service
  • Clean Up Service
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Removing Trees

Trees are one of the most expensive and beautiful items in a landscape. They also provide so many benefits to our environment. Let us help keep yours doing just that for a very long time to come.

How To Remove Trees Safely

Call Mesa Tree Service for all your tree and cactus work and service needs. We are local arborist tree service professionals who have been servicing the area with more than 25 years experience. If you need a tree trimmer or palm tree removal service in the Phoenix or east valley areas please call us. Our Arizona Tree Services is a long standing professional tree removal and tree care organization.
If you have lived here long you no doubt have seen that our desert and tropical trees and cacti must survive in extreme environments. The severe heat and intense monsoon storms with the torrential rain can damage and stress our spectacular desert trees. We have the skills to prevent this from happening. If you need a tree trimmer please contact us. We often save damaged trees when our clients take action to address problems before they become catastrophes. Don’t wait until it is too late. No one needs severe property damage from falling trees, branches and large cacti. Prevent accidents by using our tree trimming service, call us before the emergency occurs.

tree service in phoenix east valley
Green Waste Processed For Reuse - No Waste - We Leave the Job Site Completely Clean

We can easily remove palm trees that have become too large. We also specialize in cactus removal which can be a painful job if you don’t know how.

Leave The Hard Tree Maintenance Work To Us

Tree work can be physically demanding and it can be dangerous. Our trained tree crews and arborists take this work load off your shoulders and free up your day. When you use us you are relieved of any backbreaking tasks. The Arizona heat can be especailly hard to work in. We do this daily so know how to do it right the first time. When we provide our skilled tree care work to our customers we leave the work site clean and put back any items we moved while performing the work. We remove any hazards before we start work if possible and take every precaution for safety of your property, family and pets. We are fully insured so you are completely covered.

  • Work Sites Are Kept Safe
  • Work Sites Are Cleaned
  • Property Is Protected During Work
  • Trained Crews

We have the best Professional Arborists in the Phoenix east valley. In fact we have access to multiple professionals so we always have the answers to the diverse issues. There is no tree problem or issue our tree company cannot solve economically and efficiently. When needed, it is like going to the doctor and getting a second opinion. Two heads are better than one and with the diversity of trees in the valley of the sun and their unique issues this is important. We prefer to use certified Arborists so their analysis is without bias. We do the work based on their findings along with our own findings. We are trained and follow the recognized best practice methods specified by the industry standard ANSI A300 pruning manual. Therefore our Arborists have no reason to prescribe work that generates unneeded billable hours. It is easy for an Arborist to up sell unneeded work to unknowing consumers. Since we keep them separate from the quoting process, unless it is clear an arborist is needed our clients are assured of a fair outcome. We think this is in our clients best interests and feel it is the right thing to do.
It is clear that to remove a tree an Arborist is not necessarily needed and would add unnecessary cost to the job. We use them when needed so not to add unneeded costs.

Tree Trimming and Tree Pruning

Mesa TreesTrimming and pruning trees is not all science. It takes skill to create a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing result. This is a learned process that takes specialized training, an artistic eye balanced with a knowledge of structural integrity and plant health. 
We have the specialized equipment, experience and knowledge to make sure the tree is not damaged when creating a work of beauty while also removing any dead, diseased or dangerous limbs. 
Don’t leave this to landscape maintenance workers. They typically do not have the training to do this properly and can adversely effect the health of the tree. This can show up later when the tree is stressed from our intense summer heat, lack of proper irrigation and when we get those winter freezes. 

Tree Removal and Cactus Removal Can Be Risky

Tree Removal in Gilbert AZIt is important that the company doing the work has proper training as well as the correct insurance coverage. We carry all the necessary polices for this type of work so our clients can rest easy that everything is covered.
Safety is first for everyone and everything involved, including your precious pets and animals. We make sure all precautions are taken and the work site is well arranged and thought out. Quality cactus removal requires skill and knowledge. 
Tree removal creates a lot of debris and we have systems and procedures in place to minimize the impact of this debris during the removal process. We are often working close to property lines and pools. 
We never leave the site with any debris. We leave the area clean and debris free.

Stump Grinding in Tempe AZStump Grinding using the latest top quality equipment.  For larger trees, it is generally not economical to remove the whole root ball. That is where stump grinding comes in. We can grind the stump to approximately 12 inches below grade. This is sufficient to ensure the tree does not start to grow back and oftentimes deep enough that other planting can be done in the same spot.
We can grind it a little shallower if grass will be installed over the stump. Usually, about 5 inches is sufficient.

We can also dig out smaller root balls to create space for new planting.

Mesa TreesA tree has to be tough to survive our “Valley of the Sun” heat! Even though trees that do well here are tough they can still succumb to health problems. Both pests and watering schedules contribute greatly. But other factors such as soil condition, herbicide damage, weather damage and parasitic plants can also affect tree health. 
It is not uncommon, for instance, when people tend to over water mesquite trees thinking they need more water but this can cause the tree health to decline. When the tree’s health declines are when pests can invade. So it important to know when a mesquite is in dormancy and not mistake that for lack of water. Even in this hot climate root rot can severely damage the tree from well-meaning over watering. Spider mites are one common form of pest that occur here. Sometimes they cause “witches broom” to occur.  This can be readily seen by the broom like the structure of tightly woven small branches in the tree. Spraying the tree and removing the dead area by pruning are the most common treatments for this. There are many more health issues trees face here so please feel free to contact us regarding any changes in the appearance of the tree.

Why choose Mesa Tree Service?

  • Mesa Trees has built its business on standing by our work. Our work ethic means we work hard to provide our customers with the best service in the valley. 
  • Our Mesa Tree Service staff is engaged in ongoing training and quality of work is paramount.
  • We make the time to put every effort needed in the job as though it were our own property. 
  • Our palm tree removal service is second to none
  • We take the pain out of cactus removal!


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Trust Our Tree Services for Safety

We live in an area that has a number of beautiful trees. Whether they are tall and stately or short and stubby trees can provide safety, shelter, shade, and serenity for all creatures great and small.

While we know that trees can be beneficial in a variety of ways, we also know that from their highest branches to their deepest roots, they can sometimes cause problems. When this happens, call on the best tree your area has to offer.

All-Inclusive Tree Service

When tree problems occur, you want someone with the knowledge and experience to handle anything that can happen.  Knowing about trees growing habits and the effect they have on their surrounding habitats can be very beneficial when assessing and create a course of action when dealing with problems.

Our tree services include:  

  • Tree Trimming
  • Tree Cutting
  • Tree Removal

We have been serving the residents of Mesa, AZ and the surrounding cities for many years and are proud to offer the best tree service around.

Let Our Tree Service Handle Your Tree Issue Before It Becomes One

Trees are a beautiful addition to any home’s curb appeal or a business’s location. But, they can also be the source of a lot of issues and sometimes even excessive damages.  Raking leaves and removing them from rain gutters may seem like an issue that can become time-consuming and arduous, but real tree issues can extend even more. 

Roots can be a major source of severe damage to your home’s foundation and other areas.  They may also cause permanent damage to underground plumbing and septic tanks and have been known to knock down basement walls, and lift porches and sidewalks up.  All of this can result in broken steps, flooring, and pavement and increase your injury liability.

Don’t wait until you have collateral damage that can cost hundreds or even thousands to fix. With our tree service, you can have the problem tree and the stump removed before damage occurs.

Know When to Use a Professional Tree Removal Service

The care, correction, or elimination of problem trees should always be done by a certified tree service. Removal of all or even just part of a tree can be dangerous and should not be attempted by an untrained person. Certified tree services have the equipment, manpower, and knowledge needed to reach the problem and take the necessary action.

Whether you have a tree that has been damaged by bad weather or just want your tree thinned out so you have fewer leaves to tackle next fall, our tree service is the one to call for immediate action. Not sure your tree is going to cause a problem?  Let a professional assess the situation and create a plan to stop any damage before it starts.

We aim to be the best tree service our area has to offer. Our crews are well-trained, our service costs are reasonable and all our work is guaranteed. Call us today for more information or to make an appointment. We look forward to hearing from you!