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Why use Mesa Trees for Stump Grinding?

  • We have all the necessary equipment for the tree size
  • Our staff is highly trained
  • We maintain strict safety procedures
  • We have the correct insurance
  • We have the experience

Stump GrindingHas that tree stump been an unsightly obstacle for too long? If so please call us on how to remove stumps. We have the equipment and experience to grind the stump down below the finish grade so it is no longer visible. 

This is one of the most often used methods in removing tree stumps. It is usually more cost effective to do this versus digging out the stump. Large stumps can be costly to remove by digging because of the labor required. Oftentimes it is not needed to remove the root ball completely and stump grinding is the preferred method.

No need to worry if the tree will grow back. Having removed all of the tree above grade photosynthesis cannot occur and removing the upper root ball by grinding leaves the tree roots unable to survive.

A few species like the Sisoo tree is pretty invasive and they may pop up a runner away from the stump after the tree has been removed but it is a simple matter to just cut it with a shovel. In no time the root system of these invasive trees will no longer be viable since no photosynthesis is occurring to nourish the remaining organism.

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