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The old saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is certainly true of tree care. Since trees are such large and potentially costly features of typical landscapes and properties it make sense to keep them healthy and vigorous. 

If you have trees that are years old you know that replacing them with the same size could be costly or maybe not even possible.

It does not take to much time and effort to maintain trees in a cost effective manner. It is usually much more costly to address problems that occur due to lack of tree care and maintenance.

By maintaining trees you can avoid:

  • Costly Storm Damage Repairs
  • Notices from the City
  • Notices from the HOA
  • Bad relationships with neighbors
  • Sidewalk damage from roots
  • Concrete damage from roots
  • Foundation damage from root systems
  • Diseased Trees
  • Costly Replacement charges


  • Scheduled pruning and trimming
  • Scheduled water budget analysis
  • Scheduled fertilization application
  • Inspection for pest infestation and early prevention
  • Soil analysis and enhancement, PH testing, nutrient analysis



  • For established trees water deeply with longer periods of time between watering than on newer trees.
  • For new trees water more frequently, even 4 times per week in the heat of the summer.
  • Keep a layer of decomposed granite covering the ground an inch or two thick beneath the tree canopy. This helps hold moisture in the ground.
  • Prune trees according to industry standards – this is something we do all day.

Cabling and Tree Bracing – Tree Support Structures 

tree bracing in the phoenix east valleyWe are experts in keeping trees alive and healthy. With the harsh monsoon winds and micro bursts that occur here trees are often blown over. How do you stake a tree that is crooked? How do you repair split tree branches. Call us, we do it all the time.

Is your tree leaning and in danger of falling down? Let us know so we can provide the proper support bracing system to prevent the loss of the tree or damage to adjacent structures.

We will assess the potential for further loss or damage and may suggest thinning the tree as well as bracing it to prevent further leaning. Thinning the tree reduces the wind drag on the tree and the tilting force caused by the wind. 

Call us to have a professional evaluation and estimate to save your tree or large cacti.