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Trimming and pruning trees is not all science. It takes skill to create a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing result. This is a learned process that takes specialized training, an artistic eye balanced with a knowledge of structural integrity and plant health. 
We have the specialized equipment, experience and knowledge to make sure the tree is not damaged when creating a work of beauty while also removing any dead, diseased or dangerous limbs. 
Don’t leave this to landscape maintenance workers. They typically do not have the training to do this properly and can adversely effect the health of the tree. This can show up later when the tree is stressed from our intense summer heat, lack of proper irrigation and when we get those winter freezes.

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Gilbert Tree Service

Not All Tree Trimmers Make The Cut

Tree Pruning in one of the Top 5 Safest Cities - Gilbert Arizona

What is the difference between tree trimming and tree pruning? While they are similar, tree pruning is usually referring to removing smaller tree branches.

Oftentimes, it is possible for the homeowner to prune lower tree limbs with a pair of loppers. It does not always make sense to hire a professional tree care crew to do this. But, when the tree branches are high and numerous it does make sense to hire an arborist.

Gilbert is an old enough city that many trees have matured and grown to great heights that can be dangerous to work at. It makes sense to use professionals with the right tree climbing gear and skills.

Our tree climbers have years of experience and training so they know what to do and how to trim the trees for the best results. Remember that many desert trees also have thorns which can be very dangerous to a persons health while selectively cutting tree branches.

It is not an uncommon sight to find a tree where the landscape maintenance crew “striped” the tree bark when they trimmed a tree branch. This happens because they did not first make an undercut on the bottom of the tree limb closer to the trunk of the limb to be removed.

It is necessary to make a shallow cut closer to where the limb originates from on the bottom of the limb first. Then, if the limb starts to fall, which it will, before the final cut is done the bark will not tear down the trunk or main branch left behind.

Not only does this look bad it creates a wound in the tree for pests and parasites to enter.  So along with the wound there is now a greater probability of an infestation of some sort that can further damage the tree.

Tree Services for Safety and Trust

We live in a location that has a number of lovely trees. Whether they are tall and magnificent or short and stubby trees can supply security, shelter, shade, and calmness for all animals terrific and little.

While we know that trees can be useful in a range of methods, we likewise know that from their highest branches to their inmost roots, they can sometimes trigger problems. When this happens, get in touch with the best tree your area needs to use.

All-Inclusive Tree Service With Professionals

When tree problems occur, you want somebody with the knowledge and experience to handle anything that can take place. Learning about trees growing routines and the result they have on their surrounding environments can be extremely beneficial when evaluating and produce a course of action when dealing with problems.

Our tree and arborist services include:  

  • Tree Trimming
  • Tree Cutting
  • Tree Removal

We have been providing professional tree services to  the residents of Gilbert, AZ and the surrounding cities for many years and are proud to offer the best tree service around.

Let Our Professional Tree Service Handle Your Tree Issue Before It Becomes One

Trees are a gorgeous addition to any house’s curb appeal or a service’s area. They can also be the source of a lot of problems and in some cases even excessive damages. Raking leaves and removing them from gutters may look like a concern that can end up being time-consuming and arduous, but real tree issues can extend a lot more.

Tree roots can be a significant source of serious damage to your house’s structure and other locations. They may also trigger long-term damage to underground plumbing and sewage-disposal tanks and have actually been known to knock down basement walls, and lift decks and walkways up. All of this can result in broken actions, floor covering, and pavement and increase your injury liability.

Do not wait up until you have any personal casualties that can cost hundreds or perhaps thousands to fix. With our tree service, you can have the issue or tree maintained and the stump removed prior to any type of serious damage taking place.

Know When to Use a Professional Tree Removal Service

The care, correction, or removal of problem trees must always be done by a certified tree service. Removal of all or perhaps simply part of a tree can be unsafe and must not be attempted by an untrained individual. Certified tree services have the best and safest tree service equipment, understanding, and manpower needed to reach the issue and take the essential action.

Whether you have a tree that has been harmed by bad weather conditions or just desire your tree trimmed up so you have fewer task to take on next fall, our tree service is the one to provide instant action. Unsure if your tree is going to trigger a problem? Let a professional evaluate the situation and develop a strategy to stop any damage prior to ever beginning.

We aim to be the finest tree service our location has to provide. Our teams are well-trained, our service costs are reasonable and all our work is guaranteed.


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