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How to choose a tree removal service?

  • Service: Look for companies that are experienced with a proven track record of performance.  
  • Your Covered: We are totally insured so your property is covered, you family is covered and even your pets are covered.
  • Safety:  Is the staff trained? Does the company have trained personnel qualified to perform the needed service. Do they have preventive maintenance programs in place to maintain the dangerous  equipment. We do all the above because we realize how quickly accidents can happen.
  • Affordable Pricing

Tree RemovalService: We look forward to providing you with a superior tree service experience. We have a team of experienced professionals ready to take on any tree cutting job you may have. We have trained Arborists ready to assist you in making crucial decisions regarding any tree related issues. All of our field staff is trained from the ISA manual and follow the ANSI A300 standards.

We focus on the health of trees but there are times that trees need to be removed for reasons other than tree health. We have all the needed abilities to perform tree and cactus removal work and all the associated tasks related to that. We never leave a job unfinished of in need of clean up. We can aid in planning the replacement of the removed tree whether it is with another tree or other landscaping designs.

Our process begins with a site evaluation of the tree or trees, landscape and the surrounding property. Using this evaluation we derive a plan to remove the tree or trees with minimal impact on the rest of your property or neighboring properties. If we need access to neighboring properties we work closely with you and or the neighbors to arrange the needed access. 

Keeping safety and potential damage as first priorities we begin taking the tree down in sections. We have by this time already defined access to removing the debris with minimal impact to the surroundings. Our experienced teams work together along with any needed power equipment to gracefully remove the tree piece by piece in a very efficient manner. We make a plan and then follow it. Prior to starting the team is all versed in the plan so all the members work together like well oiled Swiss clockwork.

If you need the stump ground we also perform stump grinding. This process removes the remaining stump above the grade after sawing. We can grind it down to 4-12 inches below grade. It is usually a more cost effective way to remove the part of the stump that is left after cutting the tree down than digging out the whole stump and root ball. On very large or old trees removing the complete root ball can be costly. On smaller trees it is sometimes more economical to remove the root ball. Whatever the case is we have the tools, manpower and trained personnel to get it done right.

TreeCoverage:        Like the cool shade from an ancient oak over your favorite rocker on the porch we have you covered. 

There are all sorts of tree service providers in the Phoenix area but they are not all insured. Many have no formal training which means they are learning on your tree job. That is not the time to learn! They may also not carry any form of insurance so if damage occurs they are unlikely to be able to cover it. So when hiring a tree company please keep these things in mind:

  1. What credentials, if any, do they have to perform tree work.
  2. Do they have any certifications such as the ISA? Click here to learn more
  3. Do they carry any liability insurance?

Tree removal is dangerous work and contains risk. Heavy elevated weight has to be properly managed with dangerous equipment. Training, experience and skill with PROPER INSURANCE are needed to do it right and avoid accidents. 

If serious injury or even death were to occur and the tree company did not have the proper coverage the liability to the property owner could be catastrophic. It makes no sense to take a risk that large over a tree when we have all the needed coverage, skill and ability to get it done right.

Tree SafetySafety:     Who doesn’t agree safety is the most important thing. It is at the heart of everything we do. Our crew and employees are trained continually. Work safe is our mantra and we continually reinforce it with ongoing training including training on equipment maintenance and use.

Tree work or service is in the top 10 most dangerous activities to perform in the country. We simply do not take adverse risk with our people, you property or our equipment. This is where a highly skilled and trained staff can really benefit you. We have years of experience and know what to look for even if it is not readily obvious.

We train everyone on our staff. They are required to pass testing given by the TCIA, Tree Care Industry Association. Please visit for more information.

TCIA Crane Use
TCIA Rigging
TCIA Tailgate Safety
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TCIA Injury Prevention

Affordable and Fair:   We have been doing this work for years. We are professionals and we know how to work efficiently. The old saying time is money is true, so this means the more efficient companies can charge more competitive rates.

We are not the cheapest because cheap means shoddy, low quality work. We don’t want or need to be the lowest because we bring value to our clients and they have been faithful to us by calling us back over the years to service their properties. We have also been fortunate by being referred to neighbors and family because we do quality work at reasonable prices.


  1. Our customers and clients don’t have to fear substandard workmanship.
  2. Have peace of mind knowing we are fully insured and covered for all eventualities.
  3. Have confidence in our ability to perform all needed work in a safe manner.

When you use Mesa Trees to take care of your property you can relax and be assured the job will be done right and with a fair price.

Tree Service Quote